Post Entry

KCRSA members and friends,

Many of  you are back in the classroom and the sim lab, or at least broadcasting from there.  The start of school, the change of seasons – this should be a rejuvenating time of year.  However, the pall of over 200,000 Covid deaths hangs over us.  The recent cancellation of IMSH in January (and New Orleans is my personal favorite venue too) makes us realize just how long this depressing state of affairs will still be with us.


In these situations “psychic numbness” is a very real thing.  We, as humans, actually need it to survive.  But because of it, we have trouble personalizing a concept like 200,000 deaths.  I read a very good article on this recently from Nat Geo (1) and recommend it to you.  The author points out that when we can “personalize” events, then they have a much greater impact on our psyche.  For example, remember the affect it had on you to see that single toddler’s body washed up on the shore attempting to escape from Syria, or the video of George Floyd with a knee on his neck till he died.


What does this have to do with us?  The KCRSA Steering Committee/Board has made the decision that our Alliance, for our school outreach project this year will focus on the Kansas City Public School system (KCPS) rather than just be generic and try to reach everyone and do everything.  But in addition to our group project, each Sim Center should reach out to its own neighbor school system and ask how you can help.  Offer your expertise in simulation education, video production, graphic visual aids, your ability to train, etc. to the school nurses and the school administrators and teachers in your own school district.  Each of us making contact with our own local school district will pay dividends for us later.


Our fall meeting (October 23, 2020, 1-3:00 pm) is less than a month away.  Let us all join virtually and hear what your Alliance is doing to reach out to KCPS.  But let us also hear from each of you and share.  Everyone is interested in how your team is coping with Covid-19 restrictions and what your local school system is doing to handle this pandemic.  Register ahead at ……………………….. and we’ll talk with you all on Friday the 23rd.


Stay safe, stay well.