About Us


Mission Statement

“Kansas City Regional Simulation Association is a non‐profit, membership‐supported alliance representing all educational and training disciplines in the Kansas City region that serves to increase each member’s mastery of immersive, participatory and experiential educational and training techniques in healthcare.”

Vision Statement

“To create a culture of safety, sensitivity, mutual respect and life‐long learning by sharing resources and expertise that allows the alliance to accomplish together what no one member can do alone.”

Benefits of Membership

  • Paid Registration  for the KCRSA Bi-Annual Meetings
  • Access to KCRSA Website
  • Resources Sharing
  • Research and Presentations
  • Collaboration Opportunities
  • Grant Opportunities
  • Scenario Depository
  • Special interest groups

Join KCRSA for a nominal fee of $25/yr

Steering Committee Members


LaDonna Campbell



Kathy Carver, JCCC



Diane Karius, KCU



David Zamierowski



Carla Sabus, KU ZIEL


Emily Hillman, UMKC


Gerrad Fase, CAE


Melanie Stroda, University of Saint Mary


Alliance Member Organization

Committee Chair Email
Standardized Patients Julie Mack jmack@kumc.edu
Technology Operations Tim Laughlin tlaughli@jccc.edu

Support your professional development by joining this new and growing field of education.

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