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ZLOG: September, 2019

Dear members and friends of KCRSA,

DON’T MISS THIS!!! We are now only two (2) weeks away from the Fall Symposium (September 20, 2019), this year featuring the Northwestern University Simulation Team. Just like their topic (Sim curricula for mastery learning), they represent the acknowledged foremost experts in this field in my opinion. I remember distinctly 15 years ago when I started on this quest to learn Sim,…

ZLOG: April, 2019

Dear members and friends of KCRSA,

Last week I had the opportunity for a very interesting visit with Dr. Ryan Jacobsen. He is the Medical Director of the Johnson County EMS. I was intrigued to find out that this “Pre-ED” care is becoming a sub-specialty in emergency medicine. We may soon have a fellowship for it in Kansas City. But, let me tell you, your adrenaline just starts coursing with a tour of the communication center for JoCo and the 911 service…

Welcome to the Kansas City Regional Simulation Alliance

The Kansas City Regional Simulation Alliance (KCRSA) seeks to leverage the simulation learning community to accomplish together what we cannot do alone. Jointly we will work to foster growth in simulation education by
  • Connecting people and facilities
  • Sharing best practices
  • Preparing educators and technologists

ZLOG: December 2018

As we get further into the holiday season and approach the winter solstice (for those of us retired, this is an excuse to hibernate – or at least increase nap time), this may be a good time in this season of reflection and new beginnings to ask ourselves where are we going with KCRSA? We’ve been at this for several years now. Are we getting anywhere?

Zamierowski Zlog: April 2018

Happy Easter/Happy Passover (Chag Pesach Kasher vesame’ach – a Kosher and Joyous Passover)/happy spring! In this season of spring and renewal I have heard several times this repeated thought from authors and speakers (in many fields – and even talking about all of the earth): “It is no longer sufficient to talk about ‘sustainability.’ The damage is too extensive, pervasive and deep. We must now talk urgently about repair and regeneration…

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Save The Date: KCRSA Bi-Annual Meeting

Fall 2019  Meeting
Friday December 6th 12pm-4pm

Host: University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

Guest Speaker: SSH Director of Certification, Andrew Spain

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Click here for parking information / map.  

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Save The Date!

12th Annual Healthcare Simulation Conference
September 18, 2020

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Save The Date!

MSR International Train the Trainer Workshop 

Spring 2020 - May 4th-8th

Location: Johnson County Community College

Guest Speakers: Israel Center for Medical Simulation 


For more information please contact Kathy Carver at kcarver@jccc.edu


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