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Dear members and friends of KCRSA,

 September 5th, 2019

DON’T MISS THIS!!! We are now only two (2) weeks away from the Fall Symposium (September 20, 2019), this year featuring the Northwestern University Simulation Team. Just like their topic (Sim curricula for mastery learning), they represent the acknowledged foremost experts in this field in my opinion. I remember distinctly 15 years ago when I started on this quest to learn Sim, being abruptly brought up by articles that were appearing then that demonstrated that sim poorly or incorrectly done was in fact HARMFUL. Retesting after poorly done sims showed confusion (some even “chaos”) and worse results compared to no sim at all. This made me reach out to what was in the literature then about the “proven” way to do Sim. And there was Northwestern Medicine (school and residency training) with the articles on how to do Sim to best advantage. Their prestige in this field has only grown over the intervening years. They are so gracious – they will be sending four (4) members of their mastery learning course to personally conduct the workshops in this Symposium Day. Of course, the keynote speakers Walter Eppich and Bill McGaghie are icons now in the sim world and we are so fortunate they are coming to Kansas City (again). They are tuned in to the problems we have locally and will directly address your situations here. You cannot miss this one.

We will of course turn no one away at the door. But if you can, please pre-register (to insure we have enough food and beverages). To register, go to JCCC conference webpage and registration:

HCSCJCCC is the code for you to register and the code is case sensitive

Happy fall to you all,