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We have exciting news

Collegues, our Kansas City Regional Simulation Alliance for
Fall and Spring 2018-2019.

Our organization was started February 2016 and we continue to build a support network for educators and clinicians using simulation, no matter your location or profession. Our strength is with our members

Annual Dues

The Website to renew your membership
or to join :
Cost just $25.00 yearly

Benefits of KCRSA Membership

  • Fall and Spring meeting with workshop presentations, small group committees. Lunch included
    •       October 19, 2018   Mid America Nazarene 
    •       June 7, 2019          University of Kansas       
  • Opportunity to join Committees of your interest 
  • Members Only On-line resources
  • Opportunity to participate with International Simulation Educational Workshop in the Kansas City Area
    •           January 23-25, 2019
  • Supports the Fall Healthcare Conference in Kansas City Area—
    September 21, 2018

Oct. 19, 2018

Fall Meeting & Workshop

Mid America Nazarene

Jan 23-25, 2019

International Simulation Educational Workshop

June 7, 2019

Fall Meeting & Workshop
University of Kansas

We look forward to hearing from you as the Fall semester starts.

2018-2019 Steering Committee

Todd Geringer, MCC: Chairman

Christy Gallaher, MCC

Liz Santander, MCC

Diane Karius, KCU

LaDonna Campbell, KCU

Kathy Marian, KU ZIEL

Kristy Johnston, KU

Sheri Daugherty, CMH

Leslie Smith, SMMC

Kata Conde, MNU

David Zamierowski

Kathy Carver, JCCC